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These meetings are currently held at the link on the meetings page.

  • Hello, my name is ______________ and I’m an addict. Can we start the meeting with a moment of silence for the addict who still suffers followed by the Serenity Prayer?
  • Welcome to an online meeting hosted by the Sasquatch Area of Narcotics Anonymous and this homegroup, ________________.
  • Notice that you can mute yourself or turn off your video using the controls in the player. Please mute your device whenever you’re not speaking. I may also mute everyone if there’s too much background noise.
  • This is a “speak-up” meeting; if you’d like to share or do a reading, please just unmute your mic, introduce yourself, and speak.
  • All of the readings are available via the screen share and through the link to this format, which I’ve posted in the chat feed.
  • In NA we don’t make distinctions between drugs, so we ask that you refer to yourself as an “addict” or just using your first name. Please refer to your time in the program as “clean time” or “recovery.” This shifts the focus away from any particular drug and onto the one thing we all have common: the desire to recover.
Are there any volunteers to read:
  • Who is an addict? PDF
  • What is the NA program? PDF
  • Why Are we Here? PDF 
  • How It Works PDF
  • The 12 Traditions PDF
  • We Do Recover PDF
Thanks everyone for reading.
  • Our 7th tradition says that we are fully self supporting through the contributions of NA members only. The @SasquatchArea Venmo account can collect contributions for any Area homegroup, please just specify which when you give. This homegroup is _____________.
  • Do we have any announcements related to NA?
  • I’ve asked ____________ to help celebrate clean time birthdays today.
    • In Narcotics Anonymous, we stay clean just for today. But we do like to show that the program works by celebrating various lengths of clean time.
    • (Invite introductions)
      • Newcomer
      • 30 days
      • 60 days
      • 90 days
      • 6 mos
      • 9 mos
      • 1 year
      • 18 mos
      • multiple years
      • once again for the Newcomer?

(Topic/Homegroup Preference… or keep going)

  • The Just for Today mediation says… (read it or ask someone to, or do your homegroup’s typical reading)
  • The meeting is now open to share on the reading or anything recovery related.
(At the end of the meeting)
  • We have reached the end of the meeting. If you wanted to share but didn’t speak up or get a chance to, or if you have a burning desire to use, please reach out to someone here.
  • Working steps with a sponsor is a vital part of staying clean and living in recovery. If you’d like to start working with a sponsor, please speak with someone raising their hand now after the meeting.
  • The therapeutic value of one addict helping another is without parallel, and we don’t have to be in the same place to help one another–so keep coming back.
Can someone please read Just for Today PDF 
Close with prayer of choice.
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